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Yeah... feeling a bit igly I'm afraid.  Probably a combination of school stress and bodily evils.  I'm planning on transferring to a different school. I really can't do AI anymore.  So.... I wanted to go get a teaching degree.  Everyone says it suits me better considering I love children and I really like telling stories.  Problem is all this time wasted at my current school.  I'm having trouble figuring out what, if any of my classes can transfer, or if I must go to community college first and then get into the cal state.  I'm just a bit frustrated with the lack of finding anything useful and my parents bearing down on me.

My body also has turned against me....  You'd think gastritis would be enough... but no... we must add ovarian cysts and moon cycles all at once!!  Its just a bit aggrivating seeing as it's effecting me mentally and physically.  Sometimes all I want to do is sleep... and other times, I just want like.... infinite hugs.

I'm also feeling like my aspirations in life are getting put on hold because of my indescisions and such.  The time limits of what I wanted to accomplish have been thrown off and I'm not sure how they can be put back on track given my current circumstances.  I had said that I would wait to get married till after I got done with school... which I would have been done with school by 2011 if I kept on track at the school I'm attending now.  Unfortunately, I epically fail so I have to start over and have picked a major that will take me well over four years to complete.  This throws off the wedding plans.  And my family plans too =(  Hopefully I'll be able to figure something out.  I need a job too.  Not that I lost the one I have, I'm just not getting any hours, benefits or decent pay. : /  I'm thinking about looking into starbucks.  I know from friends that its a nice place to work and you get pay and benefits.  I like all those things.

Anyways... that's about the best of my life update at the moment.  I'm missing my social life right now. I miss my friends terribly and I feel like I'm losing the few ones I have left.  I need to do something... I don't know what. But something.

Ta Ta.
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