March 25th, 2009


Things.... blargh

Feeling very down about things.... my sculpture completely fell off its perch in the few hours I got to sleep, crushing parts of his hair, ripping his arm from his wrist and hand and both wings fell from his body, damaging almost all the feathers I worked so hard to individually make and design.  It sort of felt like the last straw this morning before I left to go do my finals....  I just feel like crying... but I'm not about to do that in front of my mother in the car or my classmates... I just have to keep it all inside and hope that I can stop it from leaking out.  I think maybe I'll go to the park today and lay out in the sun and sleep a little.... I've felt better these last few times I've gone outside and just zen-ed out in the quiet sunny grass.  I just feel very detached and igly right now...

But anyway.... sorry if you spent time reading this... I'm such a loser.

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