March 22nd, 2009


Watched Watchmen *spoilerific*

I saw the movie. I FINALLY SAW THE MOVIE LOL.  I enjoyed it a lot, liking Rorschach and Nite Owl a lot.  Seeing as I haven't read the comic yet, though plan to get to borders asap and buy it, I had some questions and wtf moments.  The sex was a bit... hmm... unneeded to me.... but whataver.... also... the animator for Dr. Manhatten's vital regions was a little too swing happy XDDD

Silk Spectre seemed to get over her love for the glowing blue god very fast and went straight to business with Nite Owl... lol.... hmmm.... Comedian was very O_O.  Mmmm what else... Adrian... yeah... good bad guy I suppose.  Though I still don't see why the bad guy had to get away with his blowing up people to save people from getting blown up thing.  Why does anyone have to be blown up?? LOL.  I enjoyed Bubastis, though his little air time and his blowing up :<  Poor kitty.... though I wonder if he'll follow in Dr. Manhatten's footsteps and become a glowing blue genetically altered cat with super powers.... lol

I also felt bad for the puppies Rorschach killed...  I mean... its not THEIR fault their owner fed them little children..... Mmm... there was a bit of grossness I cringed at but mostly I laughed, pointing at the agony... especially the french fry oil thing... oh my.... XDDD  Although... with the riot... I'm not quite sure how it started in the first place....

AH! But I loved Archie the ship <3 It was adorable!! ^-^  Mmmmmmm I don't think I have anything else to really say except I felt sad at the end... poor Rorschach....  and.... moronic Dr. Manhatten.... I mean... technically if can create life.... he could fix a lot of things.... and if he understands time and space, he could probably go back and change the shitty stuff Adrian did.... AH WELL!  That's why it's a movie hehe..... I'm sure Nini will rant at me hahah.... I really will read the real deal.  I'll probably understand it more ne? ^_^