February 16th, 2009


Name thingy meme

Stolen from Nini

"You have to do this. You just answer everything with the first letter of your first name WITHOUT USING GOOGLE, GOSH."

1.What is your name:  Shannon
2.A four letter word:  soda
3.A boy's name:  Sam
4.A girl's name:  Sandra
5.An occupation:  songwriter
6.A color:  salmon
7.Something you wear: scarf
8.A video game:  Suikoden III
9.A food:  sushi
10.Something found in the bathroom: soap
11.A place:  Syracruse
12.A reason for being late: sleeping in
13.Something you shout:  SHAME!!
14.A movie title:  Sleeping Beauty <3
15.Something you drink:  shake
16.A musical group: Shiny Toy Guns
17.An animal:  starfish
18.A street name: Santolina XP
19.A type of car:  Saturn
20.The title of a song: Simple and Clean

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