February 1st, 2009


25 factoid thing

Taken off facebook. I need a new journal anyway.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

1. I have extremely low self esteem. I doubt myself all the time and feel very alone despite being surrounded by friends and family.

2. I love Dr. Pepper. That and tea are my favorite drinks.

3. I work at a Pet Supply store. I don't make much... and I don't get to work a lot... but I get to play with lots of doggies. Which is good.

4. I'm currently studying to be an animator. I'm not very good.... ._.

5. I've always been proud of my light colored hair and eyes. I dunno... That's all I really like about my appearance, otherwise I'm fairly icky.

6. I have a thing about uniqueness, often disliking something if it's become to popular among idiots.

7. I have many dreams, most of which I doubt will ever come true. I'm a very pessimistic person.

8. I'm extremely indecisive. I'm currently debating if I've chosen the right path for school or if I've found yet another failure to add my epic list.

9. I want to get into falconry. I think that might level me up in interesting-ness. I'm fairly plain right now.

10. I am an rp addict. Rping is the only way I feel like I can escape the disturbing disappointments that are my reality.

11. I am a dog lover first and foremost, but I would like to experience having a lot of different pets. I hope to eventually attain a ferret and/or a fennec fox.

12. When I was younger I had absolutely no friends. I enjoyed reading above all else and only followed a popular girl around because she lived on my street and I helped her with her homework.

13. Today, while I have friends, I feel like I have hardly anyone close enough to disclose my darkest secrets. Its just a defense mechanism I think so that I can avoid getting hurt.

14. My religious, political and moral views are all very unique. I apply my own rules and don't care if people think them wrong.

15. I am a firm believer in the supernatural. I enjoy doing ooija and will defend my right to do it and why it does not create a portal to hell.

16. I love to draw, and even though I used to believe I was great, I know feel I pale in comparison to pretty much everyone.

17. I used to play soccer and even though I played for 13 years, felt I was never really good enough. My high school confirmed this by cutting me from the tryouts first time around. I never tried again.

18. Sometimes I go outside and like to listen to the quiet that nature creates. I feel refreshed and happier when I'm alone sometimes and like to surround myself with trees.

19. I do not like any sort of public transit. I'm okay on trains, but I do not like any sort of bus, subway or car. I even hate planes now when I used to enjoy them when I was younger.

20. I do not drive. I can drive, but I do not have my license. I hate being in cars and I hate being behind the wheel for fear of some idiot killing me.

21. I do not like most people. I fear that anyone at anytime will kill me or touch me. I avoid crowds and will even go into hysterics if I am alone and walking on the other side of the street from anyone.

22. Even though it isn't plausible, I would like to have a baby soon. I don't know why but my womanly instincts have kicked in early. It bothers me when people around me can have babies and not have consequences. According to Rich, I twitch.

23. Though it isn't going to happen, I've always wanted to go to Oxford to study ancient myths and languages. I've always been obsessed over stories and ancient things. It's also where my favorite authors attended schooling and at one point I wanted to write my own fantasy novels, but I'm not really good at that either.

24. I'm a big nerd. I like anime, manga and video games immensely, though I'm not very good at playing video games.

25. I love the colors purple, black and silver.

AND FINALLY I LOVE RICHARD BRADY. That isn't something I can put a number on.